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Looking for an experienced clairvoyant in Fort Myers who’s in touch with their spirituality? Want to find deeper meaning or answers about your future in relation to work, prosperity, and romance? Explore the psychic services of Of Webs And Waves today. By analysing text messages and calls surrounding your love life as well as carrying out psychic readings and spiritual guidance services, I can provide you with practical advice to help you shape your spiritual journey. Email to learn more about the services I offer, websandwaves@gmail.com

Romantic Readings

Feeling a bit lost in love, or wondering why you haven’t found the one? A spiritual reading can analyse your love life and give you insight into past, present and future blossoming relationships. This spiritual guidance can help you realise where your love lies as well as provide advice on where you may be going wrong. If you're feeling sceptical, give my services a try. What have you got to lose?

Spiritual Advisors and Guidance

A spiritual advisor can be a helpful source of guidance and consolidation when you’re feeling a bit lost or going through a tough time. As an experienced psychic, I offer holistic reading services to help you develop spirituality through meditation techniques, spiritual healing and tarot reading that will provide insight, peace of mind, and clarity towards any of the problems you’re going through.


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Omg, you always come through, thank you for everything you do.
Family issues, health issues, you had guidance for both. Thank you for the compassion for my personal struggles and additional perspective. You were right about L. Thank you.

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